new patients welcome  Pinedale, WY

Our office team will welcome you with big smiles and fun personalities! Autumn, at the front desk, greets everyone with a smile and will take care of your every request whether it’s scheduling, billing, customer care questions, or just chit-chatting while you wait.

In the back office, you will likely spend as much time with our experienced and cheerful dental assistants Ashley or Bonnie as they prepare you for your dental appointment with Dr. Francis. They will cheerfully help answer your questions and calm your fears as well as take care of getting you a blanket or pillow should you need it to help make you more comfortable. If needed, they can explain procedures step by step to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

Our hygienists Whitley and Ruth will provide you with the most gentle and thorough dental cleanings and gum exams. They love working with families of all ages and excel at taking care of your gums and overall oral health.